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Subzero waterpipe front view of black-large-x3 model
Subzero waterpipe front view of black-large-x5 model
subzero waterpipe front view of black small x3 model
subzero waterpipe front view of black small x5 model


Subzero Waterpipe Collection

Our Subzero water pipe comes in many different sizes and variations, which are fully customizable by the user since all parts are interchangeable with other variations.  Add our stacks to that equation and the possibilities are almost endless!





subzero waterpipe front view of white large x5 model
subzero waterpipe front view of white large x3 model
subzero waterpipe front view of white small x3 model
subzero waterpipe front view of white small x5 model






Parts Layout








Provides a comfortable seal between the user and pipe.  Also has been geometrically optimized to create an airtight seal even if user has a beard.  Available in Black and White.



The main body of the smoking device, which houses the water bath.  Available in Tall and Short.



An assembly of the diffuser, ball valve, and cyclone filter.  Utilizes patented percolator technology only available from JET.  Available in two variations -- X3 and X5 core



The interface between the Stem and Core.  Has also been optimized to lower the pipes' center of gravity, which helps prevent tipping.



Allows smoke to transverse from the Bowl into the base where it is channeled into the filtration core.  Also contains revolutionary bypass valve and glass-on-glass compatibility.



Houses the combustion process.  Contains integrated self-cooling channels, and has been treated for operating under high temperatures.

Regardless of what Subzero waterpipe version you choose, here are some of the many features that come standard with our wide selection of smoking accessories:


Patented Percolator Technology

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Retention Barrel Diffuser:  Our Subzero waterpipe is available in two different diffuser core variations - X3 and X5.  Regardless which one you choose to buy, our patented retention-barrel technology comes standard in both diffuser cores.

X5 diffuser percolator quantity49 PercolatorRetentionNozzlesX5X3 core percolator quantity23 PercolatorRetentionNozzlesX3

labeled cutaway of jet retention barrels with nozzles and barrels labeled

What is a retention barrel diffuser?

It is a diffuser whose bubble-producers (the holes that produce the bubbles) have been geometrically optimized for prolonging the exposure time between the smoke and the water, thereby maximizing the filtration (smoothness) of the water pipe.


What do they look like?

Retention barrel diffuser nozzles consist of a small hole (nozzle) with a sharp transition to a larger hole (barrel), the small hole having a very small length, whereas the larger hole extends almost the entire thickness of the percolator (diffuser) disk.




Retention barrel cutaway bubble formation and retention phase illustrationHow do they work?

The overall formation process of the smoke bubble is broken down into three steps: Formation, Retention, and Discharge.


1) Formation: smoke passes through the nozzle, where the smoke bubble inflates until its diameter roughly matches the diameter of the barrel.


2) Retention: smoke bubble then breaks free of the small nozzle and travels a small distance up the length of the barrel.


3) Discharge - Once the bubble has traveled the length of the retention barrel, it is held at the surface of the diffuser until a disturbance from the neighboring bubble occurs causing it to break free and float up to the surface of the waterpipe.


Do they clog?  No, our retention barrels have been meticulously engineered to control tar deposition.  This is what actually gave birth to the “retention barrel” design.  Click here to read about the history of its development.



Lifetime Warranty

Here at JET filtration systems, we have spent countless hours designing our Subzero waterpipe to withstand accidental drops.  This involves more than just dropping our pipe repetitively, but also encompasses the use of computer-aided drop simulations to identify (and improve) the most vulnerable parts and/or junctions.


So if you are tired of buying an awesome custom glass water pipe, just to realize that one of your friends shattered it while you were out, then our revolutionary Subzero water pipe is for you!


Because we believe that buying a smoking accessory should be a lifetime investment, rather than a potentially short-term mental and financial burden.



Glass-on-Glass Compatibility

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 subzero waterpipe stem with 14mm glass bowl

Using glass is a personal preference, and personal preferences could not be overlooked, so rather than rejecting those preferences and designing a pipe with a non-standard bowl-stem interface, we decided to embrace it by using a 14mm glass-on-glass taper geometry.  Thereby giving you, the customer, more options to customize our pipe to your preference.


This doesn't just mean that you can only swap in a glass bowl, oh no, ANY smoking accessory with a male 14mm inline glass-on-glass fitting, such as a showerhead-perc, honeycomb-perc, tree-perc style pre-cooler or ashcatcher, may be added.



Easy to Clean

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Lets face it, the act of smoking from a smooth waterpipe can be a very enjoyable experience, but when it comes to the mundane task of cleaning the pipe, even the most motivated of us can turn into the largest procrastinators.  Thats where the JET Subzero waterpipe saves the day...


cleaning subzero waterpipe with rubbing alcohol, paper towel, and broomstickAll of the components on our Subzero waterpipe have been individually CNC machined.

What does this mean?  It means that the components are separate, not fused, not welded together, so that one can disassemble the waterpipe into its foundational components, granting easy access to areas of the waterpipe that were previously inaccessible in more traditional designs.


Most importantly, the region that visually accumulates the most tar and ash (the Tube interior) is easily approachable for cleaning.


To clean:

1) Simply apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel.


2) Crumple paper towel into a ball, insert into tube, and push through with a broomstick.  Rinse with vegetable sprayer then reassemble, the pipe will look spanking new in record time!





Quick to Empty

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First inhale on the pipe (sucks the water up out of the base), remove mouthpiece, pour out, end of story.

Removing water from waterpipe by pouring from top with mouthpiece removed

Easy to Fill

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Either pour water in through the top or inhale water into base with stem removed (for situations with small sinks or limited available of pouring device)

Filling waterpipe with water by inhaling through downstem portFilling waterpipe with water by pouring into top of pipe<<PourorInhale>>


Our Subzero waterpipe is designed to use small amounts of water (reduces weight), so in order to prevent overfilling, we engraved convenient graduation marks into the tube.  The marks are labeled as high, desired and low, which are positioned to compensate for the volume of water that gradually drips into the base cavity, thereby removing any guesswork.


Revolutionary Stem

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When we first went into the pipe making industry, we wondered how could we make a stem that is more than a hollow tube which smoke passes through?...

So during the design phase we decided to modify not just the look, but also the function and therefore the “interactivity” of the stem.  Our final solution was to engineer a coaxial-moving, radial airflow, dual-seal, spring-loaded valve integrated within the body of the stem, which we eventually termed “dynamic radial bypass valve”.

Shortly after launching the Subzero waterpipe product line, this feature quickly grew to be in the top 3 favorite-features amongst customers, simply due to both the convenience and “interactivity” of the stem assembly.


Function - To allow fresh air to flow into the pipe below the bowl, without even touching the bowl.


Interactivity - Can be engaged at any time the user desires, simply by pressing down with ones thumb on the stems’ white valve sleeve, producing a faintly audible “swwwick” noise, as fresh air surges in to clear the smoke.


subzero waterpipe stem valve closed bowl burningClosedThe stems’ spring exerts an upward force on the stem valve slide, pressing the valve slide against the dual-oring seal, thereby maintaining the valve in the closed position.  This state allows the smoke from the bowl to pass freely down the stem of the pipe without diluting the smoke with outside air.subzero waterpipe stem valve open pipe clearingOpenDownwards force is applied (by the users thumb) causing the slide to transverse downwards, thereby breaking contact with the dual oring seals.  Once this happens, the vacuum pressure in the stem causes fresh air to be injected into the stem below the bowl, therefore producing a non-traditional (and fun) way of clearing the smoke from the pipe chamber, without ever laying a finger on the bowl.

Integrated Cyclonic Filter/Pre-Cooler

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Each of our unique water pipe is equipped with a cyclone filter that doubles as a high-velocity pre-cooler.  This filter/pre-cooler body is screwed to the underside of the retention-barrel percolator disk, and secured in place with an oring that’s anchored to the base once the tube is screwed in.

1)  When the pipe is not in use, the regulator ball falls into the tapered seat of the filter, thereby restricting (not eliminating) the downwards flow of water into the pipe base (at a rate of about 1 drip/second) until reaching equilibrium.

Water dripping into base of waterpipe through cyclone ashcatcher

2)  When user begins inhaling, the regulator ball breaks away from its seat, allowing smoke and water to pass freely through the center of the core.  The water in the base is sucked up through the center of the core and back into the water bath, however a small amount of water is left behind in the cyclone chamber.

Water sucked up through core of waterpipe, smoke entering filter

3)  During inhalation, the smoke is channeled through three precision machined nozzles, which accelerate the smoke to higher velocities, causing a cyclone to form.  The small amount of water that was originally left behind in the cyclone chamber, is now forced to spin under the influence of the smoke cyclone, which results in a pre-mixing (pre-cooler) effect between the water and smoke.  In addition to this pre-cooling effect, the mere presence of this cyclone causes the larger/stickier smoke particles (and tars) to be thrown out of the smoke via centrifugal force, serving to filter the smoke prior to moving on to the diffuser.

Smoke flowing through percolator cyclone filter, mixing with water

Upgradeable=Cost Effective

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Don't you just hate it when you buy something, then a few months later an upgraded variation of that product is released, forcing you to buy the entire product over again just to experience the “improved” version?

We hear you, thats why here at JET Filtration Systems, we are dedicated to maintaining universal backwards-compatibility for the entire line of Subzero water pipes.  So if you bought one of our pipes 2 years ago, and would like to reap the benefits an improved version, then you just buy that improved part or assembly, rather than purchasing the entire product over again.


Since you can disassemble the Subzero pipe, this allows us to develop and produce upgrades that significantly impact the pipes’ performance -- take our JETstacks for instance, designed to double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple the smoothness of the original Subzero.

So to sum it up, add ons/upgrades can be applied to older versions of the pipe, offering an incremental, cost effective solution to achieving top-shelf percolation.


Wait.....Buy the pipeThen Add Stacks!

Heat - Dissipating Bowl

Our bowl has been specifically engineered to provide a level of isolation between the heat source (burning tobacco) and the outer surface (where user touches the part).  This isolation is made possible via small cooling channels drilled axially between the combustion zone and the touch zone.


When the contents of the bowl combust (producing heat), the heat energy is conducted throughout the body of the bowl, which in turn heats up the internal surface of each cooling channel.  These surfaces then transfer heat to the surrounding air via convection, forming tiny convection currents that continuously cool the body of the bowl.  This ensures that the bowl rarely ever becomes too hot to handle.


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waterpipe bowl convection currents self cooling channels

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